“Let’s go to McDonald’s”

I took this picture of a "retro" McD...

Famous line: “McDonald’s or others?””Let’s go to McDonald’s” No one beats McDonald’s when you try to argue which place to hang out after a long day 4:oo pm-2:00 am shift. Just this morning, 2 colleagues and I tag each other for a dawn snack before we head down to the accommodation. I’m actually on a second thought since I’m really into saving each and every single penny I could have in my pocket for my upcoming local vacation. I choke on answering yes but my heart (and my taste buds) are guilty of missing my favorite McChicken meal. Anyway it’s been I think two weeks since I had a nice drive thru meal.

Recently, McDonald’s COO and the top management team had a conference in Dubai and stayed in our hotel for days. I even met the COO himself and checked in one of the VPs and it’s really a privilege to get to know them. They were not so fussy at all even if they are VVVIPs, in fact the COO didn’t care if he only have a deluxe room. I believe he was just upgraded by the Front Office Manager to a suite, and it’s already a big thing to him.

We were all talking about McDonald’s on some chances whenever we come across them in the lobby. One colleague even joked of asking the COO to place a small store near the hotel, at the colleague bus stop. Then the other commented that its should be right next to the cafeteria and we were all started to burst into laughter.

McDonald’s is a witness of all our foolish games, grudges, dark secrets and all the fun. But after a good meal of BigMac, Chicken McWings and Spicy McChicken, everything goes to history. Oh, I miss the breakfast meal as well. We’ll see, I might drop by one of these days and I will take a photo of the branch to change the one above.