Being a Hotelier: Working with “The Team”

With 36 colleagues(and counting) of 19 different nationalities in the team is definitely something. We’ve got Indians, Filipinos, Serbian, Japanese, Mauritian, South African, Russian, Emarati (UAE local), Romanian, Chinese, French, Jordanian, Mexican, Egyptian, Lebanese, Pakistani, German and Dutch (did I forget one?.. oopps! I’ll try to remember).

Team Building September 2011

For me it is something because I don’t only get to know each of their cultural backgrounds but also I was able to adapt to such a multi-cultural environment, getting along with people who has different lifestyles and different working attitudes, though of course it’s quite normal when we collide at times especially when it comes to grips. I was also able to know myself more through our daily connections at work or during our bonding times – team buildings or a simple get-together. I have also noticed a lot of changes in me. Coming from a non-English speaking country, I was a late-bloomer but I didn’t had to strike it hard to get used to my new environment. Funny as it may seem but I am clueless of where my self-confidence is coming from. But I realized my colleagues played a great part of helping me bring it out.

I was just asked lately how I’m coping up with work and the team. I have a lot to say about the job, the department, to each colleague in the team, but the most important thing at the end of the day is my relationship with the people I work with. I value this special connection that I have with them as it helps me grow up as an individual and as a professional. I respect our individuality and as I try to be the person that I am when I’m with them, I feel that I’m also responsible with my actions affecting the people around me and that I have to be sensitive and consider our differences per se.

Sounds a drama, but it’s true. Live and let live.