Yahoo! Philippines SHE: What’s Your Anti-Aging Advice?

I may look years younger than my age at 31 but I see changes everyday, time and time as I take a closer look of myself – particularly my face – at the mirror. I see fine lines, dark circles, visible pores and dark spots that collectively shield my confidence off to look and feel good. 

Well I could blame it all on so many factors like being in a location where weather is extremely hot on most part of the year, stressful working environment at some point, having a not-so-balanced life of work, fun and rest, a not-so-healthy lifestyle of sleeping late and no food variety, and I think that, in retrospect, it was all a gravitational effect of my not-so-conscious way of living. 

But I seemed so in control lately that I managed to shake off undesirable personal issues and rather keep things lightly as it goes. Bottomline: walk the talk. 

When one can do it, why can’t I? It’s all a matter of will and determination. What’s everyone’s goal of staying young and healthy, is anyway my goal at some point in my middle life. 

Checked out a video from Yahoo! Philippine SHE of some anti-aging advices from famous celebrities and working women and though undeniably, they do regular visits with their doctors (as part of their job to look good upfront) to really look good, fair and fresh, it won’t do any harm for us to try and see. Well as for me, when I started Zumba a week ago, doing it daily to de-stress, I felt a gradual yet remarkable change in my figure, after 4 years of giving birth, and noticed a little glow on my skin. As always is, in everything we do, consistency is the key and an overall outlook in life.

What’s Your Best Anti-Aging Advice



After days of deep thinking and realization, I think it’s time for me to make a conviction to let go and let live yet I know it takes a lot of courage to start with. I’ve been to so much pain and fear and it stabbed me so much that caused me to hold enough distress and I know it wouldn’t be as easy as saying it. I know it wouldn’t be easy to heal it. But I have to hold on to that word “courage” — to condition my whole self to face all the fears, sleepless nights, depression, insanities. I have to give myself a chance, to give more to myself, to think more of myself. I have to do it myself, I have to start everything with God’s help. There will never be “but(s)”, “what if(s)”, “if only(s)”. I couldn’t control time. Past is past. I have to move on. Yes I’m sure the feeling of love will stay forever but feelings is not enough; living that love is essential over time.

At My Weakest

Being so human, my instincts drive me at my weakest to mope around, stare blankly at the walls and start mumbling my mind. I find it acceptable though after getting load of stress quite times at the hotel or when I am subjected to self-disturbance on how to accelerate getting my way ahead — family, career and personal satisfaction. It seems a little tough these days when I think over age and time uncontrollably nagging me to set all things in my life in concrete. I couldn’t help but run ahead my mind and take advantage of the given time, which is now, to think and work on it. At the same time I also couldn’t help but silently protest and dwell temporarily on the cause of things. I even blame other people and the current situation. I know I am responsible to my own decisions and to regret is a shame because I realize most of it are lame, never thought about, second-rated.

But far off way more, I am disappointed about my mismanaging my time, losing chances inadvertently but perhaps it’s also reasonably best to consider the lack of knowledge and resources itself why everything seems so slow or procrastinated; or just maybe it’s only me who’s imposing the idea of procrastination to all the failures and frustrations.

I have given up the thinking for now as I’m still finding all the answers. I couldn’t let go of my insanities right now. I think I have to continue talking to the walls as it might bounce back to me for realization and probable answers.

It still acceptable to be helpless sometimes, call it insanity but later at the stillness heavy burden at the beginning starts to lighten and the vagueness of things starts to shape up. I may be waiting reverently for some divine intervention which is way too high a cost for my lowly behavior, it only means that I still believe it will happen.


Happiness is looking at yourself on the mirror,
trimming your eyebrows, batting your eyelashes,
pouting your lips and just smiling at your smiles.
Happiness is drinking your favorite tea before you sleep.
Happiness is when I think of life that I have now, grateful for so many blessings.

Happiness is when I think of my loved ones back home,
when I hear Xam laugh and stumble on words.
Happiness is when I think I can be a good wife someday,
preparing for his meals, ironing his uniforms.
Happiness is waking up in the morning knowing that you have a purpose to fulfill.

Happiness is everything and anything, even a tear on your face.
It’s such an overwhelming emotion. It’s just it. You’re just happy.