Just Being at Home

They say it’s fun to be outdoors. I say I find it also cool to stay at home. Like today I’ve spent my first day off with a good sleep – after a busy week at the hotel. I did my laundry while watching Pinoy TV shows in the internet and once in a while I open my Facebook and Twitter to get updates from friends and family. I did a little drawer and wardrobe organizing, getting rid of eyesores in the room and a little wiping, scrubbing and mapping (I mean mapping the floor).

The best part of it is when I go to the kitchen and cook. Although I had to go out for a short errand this evening at the nearest store to buy some lacking stuff in the fridge and kitchen cabinet like butter, rice and juice or coconut water. I couldn’t afford a day without butter as I need it to cook for my scrambled eggs; rice simply because it’s my energy everyday; juice (orange and carrot is my favorite) or coco water as I don’t drink so much mineral water. My buds simply resist it unless I’m really thirsty to drink. But nowadays I just realized I need it more than I want it so at least I get a gulp of 6-8 glasses a day (I’m sure I don’t go beyond 8).

I don’t get bored when I’m at home even when I was still in the Philippines. I really don’t go out unless I’m planned to or there is a need to go out. Even if my activities are so routinary, I seemed to enjoy it everyday. Maybe because it’s my nature to be a homebody. I enjoy my time even if I’m alone or whenever I’m serving my family. But of course it’s best whenever I share an afternoon or an evening bonding time with them. Being at home doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a loner or a boring person. When you try to think of it, it is actually the best place to experience self-awareness and inner peace. Special occasion or special moments are not only celebrated and experienced in a signature restaurant or a luxurious trip. Every single time is precious if you give your love even to the simplest thing you do. You clean not only to see the house clean but you give your energy to it because there is a good purpose of doing it. It makes you feel clean and healthy if your surroundings are clean. It keeps you get functional and gives you vigor. You cook not only because you have to feed but you give your love into cooking because you care for yourself and for the people you are serving. Live a life of love (2 John 1:6). Give your time, energy and attention in whatever you do.

There are actually a lot more interesting to do while at home. Who knows, before you even realize, you have already discovered something about yourself and things that make your life worthwhile.