About Me

I’m a single parent to a smart and talented kid named Xavier, a Forester by profession and Hotelier by practice. I’m an expat since 2005 and an intermittent blogger of mainly my personal experiences, thoughts and anything that interests me.

Writing or blogging or journaling has been a part of my childhood, my teenage and collegiate years and even after I gave birth to my son. When I get the chance (and the mood) to write, I burst and randomly speak my mind.

This time, after 6 years, I want to revive this blog by mindfully putting up something that is relevant, current, interesting in this present time, at my current workplace or back to my local roots. As someone who’s so observant, conscious and curious of what’s happening around, I would love to share my impressions and just about everything that I love at all.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I believe there’s no such thing as a “frustrated photographer”. This is the age of tearing down the standards of photography. Just look around. Is Gertie short for Gertrudes? Love that name, I have it for my daughter. If this blog just opened recently, with 9 followers and 170+ hits, you have an excellent start. I’m raising a glass for you right now Gertie

  2. Thank you Elmer! Gertie is my full name but yes, it’s basically short for Gertrude which is a Dutch/German name. It’s my first with WordPress actually. I had one with blogger but I wasn’t able to maintain it. I want to change it all actually. About photography, yeah I’m not a pro but I want to learn. In fact I bought my DSLR just few weeks back and I’m so scared to use it. That’s why I’m trying to find a Filipino group of photogs here in Dubai that holds classes for basic photography. I might enroll this month if I found one. Thanks again for recognizing my blog! I enjoy your blog too especially the photos!


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