Yahoo! Philippines SHE: What’s Your Anti-Aging Advice?

I may look years younger than my age at 31 but I see changes everyday, time and time as I take a closer look of myself – particularly my face – at the mirror. I see fine lines, dark circles, visible pores and dark spots that collectively shield my confidence off to look and feel good. 

Well I could blame it all on so many factors like being in a location where weather is extremely hot on most part of the year, stressful working environment at some point, having a not-so-balanced life of work, fun and rest, a not-so-healthy lifestyle of sleeping late and no food variety, and I think that, in retrospect, it was all a gravitational effect of my not-so-conscious way of living. 

But I seemed so in control lately that I managed to shake off undesirable personal issues and rather keep things lightly as it goes. Bottomline: walk the talk. 

When one can do it, why can’t I? It’s all a matter of will and determination. What’s everyone’s goal of staying young and healthy, is anyway my goal at some point in my middle life. 

Checked out a video from Yahoo! Philippine SHE of some anti-aging advices from famous celebrities and working women and though undeniably, they do regular visits with their doctors (as part of their job to look good upfront) to really look good, fair and fresh, it won’t do any harm for us to try and see. Well as for me, when I started Zumba a week ago, doing it daily to de-stress, I felt a gradual yet remarkable change in my figure, after 4 years of giving birth, and noticed a little glow on my skin. As always is, in everything we do, consistency is the key and an overall outlook in life.

What’s Your Best Anti-Aging Advice