I just happened to watch Princess Diaries 1… and I ended up watching Princess Diaries 2

Seriously, how would you feel watching fairy tale movies when you’re on your 30’s, single and waiting in vain for Mr. Prince Charming?… Well, what’s the matter? It doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? Well, to be honest there are good and worst part of it. You’re supposed to feel (and would even want to memorize) every romantic climactic line you would hear, be carried away by the refined gestures of pulling of bodies close to each other to the subtle bending of necks for a kiss. Ugh! You wouldn’t seem to like it nor deny yourself, would you?

Feel-good movies like fairy tale love stories do happen in real life… maybe, some times, because we all believe (hidden in our hearts) that there is always something and someone that’s meant to be. Don’t boo me on my 30’s if I would say I’m into the princes’ and princesses’ kind of stories in the 21st century. Why not? I would simply say that these movies are recognizably prototypes of homely, uncomplicated living of a human life. Matters of heart are unfathomable. You couldn’t find a reason from and beyond the reason of its actions. There is the risk of loving Mr. Prince Charming as the world lay down the consequences upon them. People speak and the lovers goes to the odd side. But through it all, the raging hearts will never give in.

But along the way, we are all given choices. Oh, I love this word. CHOICE. If you fail in the end, you would always go back in realization: I made the wrong choice. You forgot that picking up a choice entails making decisions out of conflicting interests so it also goes with THINKING not just IMPULSE. Of course! You weigh things up, you think twice, thrice and you decide. Then you’ve got your choice. Fairy tales made it simple for us: go to where your heart is and the rest will follow. It also means a train of mistakes and lessons in between. And the easiest words: Stand firm by your choice and work it out.

It may end up a happy ending but that’s just the PART 1. PART 2 is always a complication out of PART 1. Twist and turns of stories. Major setbacks that will test the main characters. And the best part of it? More characters will get into the circle. Life’s like that along the way. We meet TEST every time and every where and when it seems unmanageable, there is always one person that will stand by you and help you get through it, just like Princess Mia and Queen Clarisse of Princess Diaries (now you know what I just watched and I don’t mind :D). And what lesson I love the most? It will not always be Prince Charming who can save your day. And who knows you could be one saving grace as well.

Oh, Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews simply rocked it!


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