I Love You. I Love You (not too but)… Much More than You Love Me

via lobobear.com

Two hearts beat together. Man and woman conveyed their feelings towards each other. A mutual relationship was born. How did it work for almost six years? There was a year that they never had communication. They didn’t see each other for quite a long time. What else is there to look forward to? Her mind said “It’s enough” but her heart was not giving up. No matter how dim the light of hope could have been, she didn’t let it die out.

It must have been true love because no matter how hard it was, she had let him go. But she really loved him and she’s still in love with him. She had suffered but still willing to go through it again. But how far can she go for love when she knew it has all been ended?

One cannot love and be wise. She could have found the failure at the beginning but she was locked in and didn’t manage to pull enough bravery out of her foolishness. She fell head over heels in love and the love found all its way for her and him to be together though obviously to them it’s not long enough.

How long is not long enough? One year? Two years? Six years? It’s all been said and done. She said goodbye in every word and shut it off without him answering back because she knew he won’t let go. He didn’t want it to end. He loved her and still in love with her. He searched for her and waited and still willing to go through it again just to win her back.

Right up to this moment, she still loves him, he still loves her. But they realized it’s over mutuality now. In one way or another someone must have gone farther and further in the relationship. One must have given more than what the other gave. She has been more loving, more understanding, more trusting. Before it was only justice but now it’s love above the foundation of justice.

All the past years, when he says, “I love you”, she answers back “I love you too.” But the relationship has grown because one of them exceeded the love they expected from one another. So now, every time he express his love for her she would always answer back “I love you more”.


2 thoughts on “I Love You. I Love You (not too but)… Much More than You Love Me

  1. Thank you for taking time to read and comment on my post Ms. D! It’s everything to me, believe it. You are an amazing writer. I love your blog. Such a talent, really. So natural. Cheers!

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