Out and About… A Walk to Remember

Been busy these past few days preparing for my plans on my vacation, particularly my cross training to sales department. I had the chance to go out for a walk after an hour chat with my son, Xam. He’s growing up so fast I couldn’t seem to follow on on his what-abouts. He said he was crying because he misses me. After that he asked, “Are you crying too mommy?” I said, “Yes, because I miss you too, so much!” Then he started to ask when will I come home, when will he see me. He even wanted to come over to Dubai. He surely miss a mom. He knows he got a mom.

So I decided to leave my comfort zone and release the longings. Too scared now after suffering from depression months back. I need to re-condition myself.

Along Jumeirah road…

While walking down to the bus stop along Jumeirah road.

On the right is the Wild Wadi waterpark full of flags from the recent Eid Al Adha. You’ll also see a double-decker tour bus heading down the Jumeirah road. Now is the perfect weather to have some tour around with this bus. Cool wind is already blowing.

A closer shot of Tour Dubai bus

A closer look of the Tour of Dubai bus.

While waiting for the green light to pop up, I took a shot of the famour Burj Al Arab like as if I don’t see it everyday (for not being a pro-photog, I even got a scrape shot of the stoplight pole on my right. Shame). I also heard the screaming fun and the whoosh of water rides inside the Wild Wadi but I skip on going further for three obvious reasons: I’m on jeans not on my suit, I’m alone, and it’s cold.

Burj Al Arab

The topmost of Wild Wadi Waterpark

Further down more is a glimpse alongside our sister property Madinat Jumeirah. Before joining Jumeirah Beach Hotel, I first worked in Mina A’ Salam as a Receptionist at the Front Desk. It’s been 4 years now since my visit to the hotel. A lot of memories and I just couldn’t help but to get sentimental as it was not a ‘good’ goodbye for me.

Road signs. Don't get lost. Brown background means you're almost there. Madinat Jumeirah right next to your right 😀

Mina A' Salam

The entrance to Mina A' Salam

Mina A' Salam sign. Quite unnoticable for guests coming to the hotel especially at night.

Road that leads down to the main hotel. Full of palms. Full of flags.

Oh, I forgot to get some shots of the bust stop as I was catching up the bus itself to go right up to Jumeirah area. I think I have one photo during the night before I headed home. Will see later.

Next stop, Mercato Mall. It’s the first mall that I went to when I first arrived here in Dubai in 2005. Quite a small shopping area but I like it more because besides the nearest one to our place, you’ll get smooth light traffic flow down here. You don’t have to waste bucks for a long trip and get stuck in heavy traffic just to get to the big malls at the city center. Anyway, Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall are still being built then and the Dubai Metro was still on planning stage. Mercato is a themed Venetian architectural style that makes it unique from the rest.

Mercato Mall along Jumeirah Road

A shot from first floor. Natural daylight coming through from the piazza saves the mall of loads of electricity during the day.


The cinema is not bad at all.

Around 5pm, I took another bus trip down further until I reach the almost-end part of Jumeirah area. Suddenly I felt a little light and drowsy so I went down to get a snack at the nearest McDonald’s, just a walking distance from my last stop, Spinneys. After the snack, I grabbed my pack and walk down still a little weak that I didn’t managed to pull out my cam for some shots before I reach the grocery. I was so tired and it was getting late anyway that all I wanted is to buy the stuff that I need and finally head home.

So it was already dark outside at about 6:00pm when I cross the other side to go back to the hotel to the catch the 7:10 trip back to the accommodation. While waiting for the return bus, I managed to get some shots of the main Jumeirah center where most of the shops, restaus and other establishments are located.

The famous Jumeirah Grand Mosque

There I found it! I took the photos of the airconditioned waiting area at the bus stop.

The air-conditioned wating area at the bus stop.

Schedule check. Nos. 8 bus going to Ibn Battuta will pass by Jumeirah Beach Hotel. I need to take the 18:20 bus to get there exactly 18:50 or 19:00 just right in time for the 19:10 bus to accommodation.

Finally, reached Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Last shots thrown to my home hotel and the Burj at night.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Shot taken from the bus stop. I could have found a better side without the trees. Next time.

Great shot at night. Whoah! I made it though not clean enough. Really need to be a pro.

Until the next walk!


2 thoughts on “Out and About… A Walk to Remember

  1. Hi Donna! Thanks for reading my post. There’s still a lot to see here but as a Forester, I miss the greens in the Philippines. Most of all, as you said, I terribly miss my son, Xam.

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