When Hormonal Imbalance Attacks

Hormonal imbalance strikes again! It’s as if friendly Spidey has transformed to black Spidey whenever this monthly period is coming. I’m starting to attract negative energies around me again and I am nothing but an antagonist to my environment. I blew out into annoyance when I received an SMS from a colleague that our swapping of schedules were not approved. It suddenly grew to some sort of revenge. Well, besides, all is fair in love and war… and at work. We all get a fair share of everything including being turned down.

via onlinemedicinetips.com

While on my way to laundry area to change my uniform, I came across two gentlemen coming against my way. Good thing my mind decided quickly to head on to the parking area instead of taking the walkway, otherwise I know I won’t like what my reaction will be. I know these people, and even if you are a lady, they won’t give you the way. I’ll just get irritated.

But getting so unusual, while crossing the street, a car is approaching in a mellow speed and they suddenly stopped when the driver saw me about to cross. Apparently I stared with a raised eyebrow. Huh, what a brat me! Until I get into the bus, all I do is frown on anyone my eyes would gaze upon, crunch my eyebrows to the all the annoying lights and views and the effect on my raging circulation.

I was not me today. I knew it. Sorry but I can’t control it in the next few days, until it burst out completely. Girls, you know what I mean.


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