Dear Lord

I thank You for all of me: my heart, my mind and my soul,

For molding me into a person I am today,

For having a family who’s loving, affectionate and understanding,

For kind friends and relatives whose support is unwavering.

I thank you for people I’ve known for long as friends but have forgotten me,

those I just met but offered and shared their friendship,

and to those who caused me hurt and disserted me.

I ask for Your forgiveness for the things I’ve committed that caused You so much pain,

and help me to forgive myself so I could start over again

with a heart full only with love and sympathy to others.

As a mother, I will always be grateful for this gift,

to bear a life so beautiful and entrusted him to my care.

You are my Only witness to the struggles I’ve been through,

Though people misjudged me, You gave me strength to carry on.

I ask You Dear Lord, to strengthen me more,

heart, body and soul.

I know I am Your best choice

and I want to be the best mom You want me to be.

Please give me enough courage to stand with what I believe

is Your will and best for me and my son.

Teach me to be more patient and how to control my temper.

While I’m away from Xam, please look after him for me.

Please look after my parents as well whose love for Xam

is twice as much as my love for him.

Take us away from any danger, illness and sin

and protect us from the discrimating society that we live in.

I will always try my best to be of good service to You

as I go on with my daily activities.

Please don’t forget me even if at times I forget You during the day.

If I do, please help me remind me of You



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