"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"

Wordless Love

Love conquers all, whether it speaks or mums. It matters whenever you hear the “I love you”, but it is felt even more when it is said at a point you least expect it. How else would you feel a genuine love? For me I value time and attention. This is my act of love. What is love without time? It’s nothing. It’s worthless. It’s not a love.

When I said love, I sacrifice my time, I keep my focus and I endure pain for the one I love. I speak less, I listen more. I feel sad when I miss him but couldn’t do anything to see him. I felt cold when I couldn’t even hug him. I want to hear his story, his daily highs and lows. I want him to tell me about everything; what he feels, what he thinks. I want to see him laugh, feel his tickles and giggles. I want to just keep him close – close in my arms.

Oh, love is really wordless… Oh how I miss my son!


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