My First WordPress Blog: There’s Something About

Why now? Answer: Well, why not? It’s never too late to always try it the first time. I hope I get to create a good WordPress blog as I go along — with your help dear readers and bloggers, if you want to share your knowledge and ideas with me.

Why “There’s Something About“? All things created on earth has its purpose, meaning and importance. It’s not only that we have to be aware that they exist, but to understand and relate ourselves to each and everything that we see, hear, feel and taste. Remember Anais Nin famous quote: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are“. As I continue to explore my daily life, I want to write about all the things I would encounter as how it gives meaning and influence to my decisions, perspective and even my simplest reactions as I deal with it. It may be about a person, an animal, a landscape, a place, a food, scenario, the weather, a book, a movie, an ad, a word, and all that comes in between.

Let’s see how it goes. It sounds interesting to me. I hope you will get into it as well.


4 thoughts on “My First WordPress Blog: There’s Something About

  1. Thank you! Though I’m a little shaky on this. I hope it will go a long way after completely diverting from Blogger to WordPress (as suggested by a pro-blogger friend of mine).

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